Thursday, 22 January 2015

Qualified to satisfy you

Vibes were also to be found elsewhere over the festive period. From the barrage of xmas parties to visiting kiddies by the seaside and getting well savoury, there was plenty of magic to be culled from the season to be jolly. There was too much business going to sit in front of a laptop, hence the lack of blather on here. We even found it in ourselves to get deep, down and dirty with some scotch eggs... ooh matron...

Inside Vauxhall's Fire

Does what it says on the peak. Peak!

This dude was so pissed he forgot his own PIN while ordering a mad round

Please save me

Fish in the sunshine

Well weapon mate

Down the boozer with Rocket

Hybrid breakfast

Mary Berry eating out Jamie Oliver. One of the weirdest things ever to be seen in the Sunday Times. FACT!

Eggs - waiting their doom

Out of the cauldron and into the gob

Yes mate

Secret santa was generous this year, returning last year's gift

1D cupcakes

Wetherspoons just got even more interesting...