Monday, 14 November 2011

Box Jams Volume Oneeee

If your heart beats to the electronic sound of the Hague or the cosmic wizardry of the Motor City, then you need this first Box Jams mix in your ears. Put together by our Sheffield buddies Juliun and Pat (of C90 and Rough Disko notoriety respectively) it's an hour plus run through a collection of jacking and acidic computer music. It's got some right monsters on here. I've been bumming it for the past few hours and doing some moves in the kitchen which are attracting some weird looks off the nosier neighbours. Fuck them. They've obviously never felt the full force of the Severed Heads. If you're in Sheffield, then they're throwing a do this Friday. Check their business here... Link

Box Jams Volume One by boxjams

They should be taken outside and shot

While the past eight or nine weekends have been full of wild times, the weekday evenings have been somewhat more sedate and bluesy. Just tied myself to the stool in the kitchen and devoured as much musical business as possible. Here are the fruits of ze labours...

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