Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Dancing on the ceiling

Sun, football, Brexit, Trump and Lionel Richie. Pour moi, these will be the defining vibes that memories of summer 2018 will hang from. 

How so? Well we had the delicious of pleasure of interviewing the king of smooth himself, Lionel Richie earlier in the year. Disappointingly, there was no secretive meeting in a Soho bar, where he slurped on oysters and caviar while regaling a star struck moi with lusty tales of bums and bombast from the seventies. Instead, it was all very ultra safe conducted via email through layers of management leaving both me and Lionel unscathed from coming up to close to the other. But just from the emails, I know we'd get along. 

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Raving for the Cause

In 2018, everyone who's anyone is heading to Tottenham to eat, drink or set up their own club or pub.

As the new stadium for Spurs nears completion, local businesses are getting ready to hopefully cash in from the huge anticipated numbers of additional visitors to the area. It's literally all to play for with the first games due to kick off this September so it's an exciting time for the place. Alongside the likes of Five Miles, The High Cross and the recently opened Bluecoats boozers, The Cause is one of the freshest additions to Tottenham's night time calendar. This new club boasts an incredible soundsystem, unrivalled outside space and late, late 5am licence while also raising dosh for local charities. Sounds good right?

Check out a wee interview we did with co-founder Stuart Glen on the venture and what it's doing to put Tottenham on the map for raving...