Sunday, 4 January 2009

The Squire of Gothos


Stella and bass. Two of my favourite tings and a vibe that the November Rough Disko was practically dripping in. The Squire of Gothos were the guests, a pair of South Yorkshire gents in love with bassline, boozers and squat parties and are into it, 185%. Check their 'Ravelord' EP on Electro Stimulation Records - it’s daft, brilliant and banging in equal measure.

The Squire even brought their own crew to the bashment, a flock of mad scally kids in love with the groinal riddims of DJ Funk and DJ Assault as well as their well warped Sheffeel take on booty-slapping electronic bass. As Jude pointed out, these are the kids that hang around parties we’re too old, too boring and too bland to hear about afterwards, never mind get an invite to.

When it was the Squire’s turn to flick the switch at the heart of our little rave, they revved the vibe up summat rotten. One fellow bellowing into a mike, the other in a Danger Mouse costume twatting out primal bassline booty shakers.

Throw in a crate of wife beater, 60 other pissheads and the party vibe was lubed up good and proper. You can imagine the chaos and the stagger we had on the way home. It took me over a week to get better following this. Proper alcohol poisoning vibes. The quality of the photos is a direct indication of the sort of shapes that we were saying. Big Up the fucking Squire!

Squire at work

Twat it


Lights and Magic

Two hunks