Sunday, 25 August 2013

Too. Hot. To. Blog. Part deux

So we've been having a shit load of fun over the last month or so. BIG FUN. We've visited Kew Gardens, eaten jerk at Brixton, got down to some serious tunes at the NTS radio all day rave up and drank many, many cans. Living life out of a blue plastic bag is always a pleasure...

Kebabs and a convertible

Gaunt crew

NTS outside rave up

The back of Super kebab. Aka 'where the magic happens'

Yeah mate

Teee hee
Brixton Splash - getting bashy

Jerk in a bag

Sasuage roll with extra cheese

Owl painting
Hangover ballast

Coppers round here will park anywhere so they can get into Super Kebab

First tin of Boddingtons this decade

Partridge disco - fucking students

fish face

Kew Gardens

Hello old friend