Thursday, 17 March 2016

Stop dragging rainbows through mud

So far, mediocrity in the musical and media mainstreams are helping define 2016, drawing a faltering circle around one of the most vibeless ages in some time.

February’s BRIT Awards were a case in point. The two hour dirge fest, hosted by Ant and Dec, featured a soundtrack by Jack Garrett and James Bay, one of whom is best known for wearing a hat, the other for just being total shit. Fucking edgy mates. In attendance? Apart from some ‘normal folk’ who slipped through the net, the worst of the z-list celeb bucket, any talent they once demonstrated now dwindled to an absolute zero, black holes where once stars burned. Bring back Niven, bring back Flynn and RIP Paul Daniels.

Being great used to mean being weird, being odd and being yourself while now it seems that the only way to succeed is to be the same. Even the satire is weak – now we have some moaning minnie crowing ‘get in the sea’ whereas before we used to have one asking ‘is it just me or is everything shit?’ It’s the same you twonks...