Sunday, 10 October 2010

From the pavement to the kerb

Last week was a funny seven day session - it began, as they so often do, with a hangover. It had the crushing low of not being able to get inside Gregg's due to the continued crowds clawing at the windows. There was fish. There was drinking aplenty come Friday and Sunday. I even had the opportunity to finger £3,000. Ghetto business...

Mackerel bake - burnt


Kid Acne in Ninja Tunes new book - check it over here

Skint man's dinner

Posh man's lunch

Buildings and ting

Drums of Death gets it in the fridge

As the autumnal months have started to kick in, the digital quill has been given a sharpening.
I've been getting down to it for Fact and churning out some review business.

If anyone gives a shit, you can check the following by clicking on them links... Yes yes

Drums of Death - Generation Hexed

Holy Ghost! - Static on the Wire

Shortstuff - Summer of Shortstuff