Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Balloon party with Mike Skinner and Murkage crew

Clubbing in London can be sometimes be more hard work than the total gleeful hedonistic hit it should be. 'Oh boo hoo mate,' I hear you say. 'Boo hoo - is it getting tough now going out all the time getting murked? Shall I get my oboe out for you and give you a sad tune to commiserate life being so tricky? Honestly you're making me well up over here at your plight.'

No fam, you don't need to do that for it is very much not a REAL problem. But as you probably know the capital is full of a lot of cunts who can turn a night out into an endurance test rather than an ecstatic thrill. Pricey pints, overly sold, nobs everywhere, po-faced people, in a 'secret warehouse location' not having a whale of a time getting on it?

Turns out you need to find a night put on by someone as fucked off with these so-called 'rules' as you. (although I'm not saying that everyone sticks to them - just the majority seem to forget about the joy). Mike Skinner is best known for being The Streets and inventing DIY, post-ecstasy computerised Brummie melancholy and lad biznarse. But is now putting on amazing parties with Manchester's Murkage crew under the banner of Tonga. We went to check them play a rammed Stonebridge bar at Glastonbury and last Friday at the Waiting Room in Stoke Newington - both were off the chain - the latter was small, sweaty with a Wetherspoon's around the corner, no one was being overly precious about mixing, just maximum emphasis on the music and the fucking vibe. At last.

Check out this ace mix for a flavour of the night... and get to know Skinner on his blog. He's a funny fucker mannnn...

D'Angelo @London's Roundhouse

'Rising from the dead' would be one (incredibly cliched) way of describing muscular soul dude D'Angelo's 2015. But it could be construed as accurate, for even by a holy fella's standards, he's enjoyed a pretty remarkable resurrection over the last year or so. 

In December 2014 he released Black Messiah, an album that while not arriving wrapped in hubris, came 14 years after its predecessor and with enough sass, charisma and funk to allow even his most ardent fan to forgive him for the delay. How come it had taken so long? Well D'Angelo has been through the bloody mill mate - there have been deaths, drug taking, binge drinking, doughnut eating - pretty much owt bad that could happen to a gent happened over the preceding years, meaning its amazing that Black Messiah is as ace as it is. It also meant that the Roundhouse was cheering him on despite being an hour and a half late for his Monday night showing at the start of July. 

Late he was but thankfully, he was willing to wave aside the curfew to play on and on, plucking hits from his previous releases, Brown Sugar and Voodoo. He might not have been as ripped when he stripped off for the Untitled video but he and his band The VanGuard came packing some serious heat a la prime time Prince or the Roots without the jazz interludes. We were so impressed that we even bought a t-shirt off a man outside for a fiver, summat we haven't done since we went to go and watch the Verve at Manchester Apollo almost 14 years ago. Swings and roundabouts as some (might) say... 

Fuck work love disco

Shitttttttttttttttt has been really real, as you just know it's just gonna go when the days heat up, become longer and start getting their pins out for all the world to see.

We've been living life like its golden, with plenty of night times, weekends away and musical endeavours. So where we've been? Well you'll find our footprints at Dalston Superstore (thanks Tusk!), the Lambeth Country Fair (thanks Odyssey!) and the Walthamstow Garden Party (thanks to Jen and Andrew for letting us jump their fence into the park). We've been carried to an inflatable bed in York after going a long way for a BBQ, been house hunting and had more contactless transactions at the Marquis of Lansdowne than is really acceptable. Whoopsy daisy...


'I take my style tips from everything, even kids and homeless people'

Teklife in Hackney Primark. RIP DJ Rashad.


Friday one in one out at Micky's Chippy. 

3 train journeys, 31 train tickets
The science of procreation and the ensuing child birth as drawn by really, really shit faced people

EROL can keep your kiddy dancing

Odyssey at full pelt at the Lambeth Country Fair

The youf of today like dere balloons, so they do

A rare vintage

Femi Kuti doing it in Walthamstow

Tom Daley crying toe nail tears

Big weekend mate? Send grapes

Yagga yagga

Said it on Instagram, let's say it again - that's £18ks worth of kebab technology

Pembury Tav - wrong side of midnight