Friday, 20 August 2010

The Wires are coming for you Machine Drum

In between drinks, sleeps, works and weddings there's been some serious records coming out. Machine Drum is an American fella who's sound is proper next galaxy business. He's all about elasticated bass and bleepage but with enough of a roar to put the wind up you. His Many Faces mini album is emerging on hype Glasgow label LuckyMe who've also helped out HudMo and Rustie. Witterings on about him below

Machine Drum FACT review

US try-hards !!! have also got a new record out. It's a punk funk party vaguely reminiscent of the Happy Mondays. They'd probably be more interesting if they all developed Shaun Ryder-esque drug habits. But they haven't. Read about it below

Chk chk chk Strange Weather, Isn't it? FACT review