Wednesday, 13 April 2011

How many eggs do you need to change a lightbulb?

No more banging on about what a lot the last week or so has been. It's always A LOT and it's getting boring saying it - Needless to say there have been a few firsts. Locking oneself out of the house. Going for a swim in the neaby lido only to find one's wallet in one's pocket after 3 lengths. Undertaking a minor amount of tattoo research. Biking around Elephant and Castle. Drinking Guiness Punch. Not feeling suicidal on a Monday. Speaking to members of Black Wire.

Saturday morning was an interesting one - there were three browsers open (Firefox 4 natch) on the laptop which could provide clues to the previous night's murky behaviour. The first was a wikipedia page entry for Placebo (the band), the second a recipe for whisky sourz and the third a Spotify premium trial offer. My digital bank statement also suggested I'd received £20 from a third party masquerading under the guise of Charlie Brooker. These discoveries raise as many questions as answers.

Jerk and Guiness punch

Watermelon stylez

Chilli willi flavourz

Drop down and get your alco-pop on


Mouthwash shots innit

Din dins

Wrecking revenge on an artisan food poster - that's right. You can take your £8 jar of gooseberry relish and stick it up your silver arse