Sunday, 30 May 2010

Bang a baby's Face

After piecing the Bang Face weekend back together via the power of hazy and distant memories, Resident Advisor ended up publishing my thoughts on the event. After careful consideration I took out some of the more obvious references to drug taking. I know. I'm a fucking sell out bastard.

Check the review on the link below.

Bang Face resident advisor review

Extensive gluttony

Food has been high on the agenda of late - It's basically a munchie ting. I've been sampling a weird array of culinary 'delights' ranging from burgers to iced coffees. That's right. Get me and my extravagant palette. It's off the hook ain't it?

One of the highlights was having a little bbq on our small balcony. It rained on the burgers and went dark as we didn't get round to lighting the fucker until 8pm. One member of our small two man party was also sick - so all in all great success!

Also tried Purdeys for the first time. That's the sort of mood which has been kicking round our way for the past couple of weeks. It's been all go let me tell you...

Burger meets egg - they get along. It's magic.

Fire flex

Fags and bones


An expensive alcoholic shake

Energy boost sans taurine

Battered sausage business

Mocha frappo babes

Adventures in sleep deprivation

2010 has been a savage year on the synapses thus far. Perhaps no more than usual, but still it occasionally feels like surviving until another birthday comes to pass maybe more of a struggle than it should be.

Anyhoo, in a vain attempt to be civilised, I spent last weekend volunteering (Have I ever mentioned my tireless charity work? zzzzzzzzzzzzzz...) and then watching my pa drive a formula 3 car round the track at Silverstone as part of a lovely xmas gift organised by my sister on the Sunday. The volunteering ting went smoothly despite a thick lagery hangover. This was shaken off by chasing a small 13 year old lad on a bike around Victoria Park followed by assisting with a nappy change. Standard.

The second part went mildly awry as sleep never really materialised on Saturday evening. One thing basically led to another with the only stolen winks of kip taking place on the tube as a I sailed past my station and ended up 12 stops further down the line than planned. Whoops? Cue being 45 minutes late, cue sweats, cue a Macdonald's Big Mac meal being the only thing between me and madness.

The birthday gift goes down

Man up big poppa!

A natural athlete highly attuned to the intricacies of the road

After a couple of confessions, the day went off relatively smooth - Pops went round the track at a leisurely pace while we cheered him on and I beggared about in the midst of the family bosom. I think they're used to it....

However, the final song in the boozer we were drinking in on the previous eve was this little ripper. It has vague connotations of being to do with mortality, which in these times of fast living could be quite pertinent. Or maybe not. Whatevs, it's a big little tune.