Sunday, 30 May 2010

Extensive gluttony

Food has been high on the agenda of late - It's basically a munchie ting. I've been sampling a weird array of culinary 'delights' ranging from burgers to iced coffees. That's right. Get me and my extravagant palette. It's off the hook ain't it?

One of the highlights was having a little bbq on our small balcony. It rained on the burgers and went dark as we didn't get round to lighting the fucker until 8pm. One member of our small two man party was also sick - so all in all great success!

Also tried Purdeys for the first time. That's the sort of mood which has been kicking round our way for the past couple of weeks. It's been all go let me tell you...

Burger meets egg - they get along. It's magic.

Fire flex

Fags and bones


An expensive alcoholic shake

Energy boost sans taurine

Battered sausage business

Mocha frappo babes

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