Monday, 22 August 2011

The goat's cheese gets fingered

Moments of real eroticism don't come passing through our kitchen that often. At least when I'm there. For all I know, waterfalls of sweat, saliva and spunk may course through it on a daily basis. But if this is the case, then my fellow home dwellers are either very quiet or just really good at mopping up. However, when I'm kicking about, there's so not so much as a mouse puckering up. So I was taken aback when I was not only privy to summat pretty pervy but also managed to capture some of it on my camera phone. It's proper X-rated stuff so if you're a bit of a fridge and don't like having certain sensory bits and bobs tickled in ways you ain't experienced before, then you should probably blindfold yourself and throw your computer out of the window...

Won't you walk the wheel with me?

There's been plenty of tittle tattle running through the rest of da month - Here's a few choice moments...

Jager bombs for breakfast - that's how we do

Construction king


Pure unadulterated wee man joy

Fuckin' heck

Travelling men

Flat mate's nan on the altar of fresh pants - fresh looks all round

Obelix - original badman

Hello my only friend

Smingey roast