Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Someone's on the phone - it's a fresh start and they're calling for you

How has it been rolling? High octane business up inside N16. Well watching (and weeping like big babies) at GoggleBox, a TV show allowing the viewer to watch other people watching telly. It takes you through the onion, out the other side and back into the onion again. Serious. We've also been watching Educating Yorkshire and lurching through the working week carrying the weight of additional hangovers and pining for the weekends. Throw in a new found love for Steely Dan, a t-shirt from renowned US cult band Jazz June and learning some tips from the The Great British Bake Off's Mary Berry and that's October and November right thurr. These are some the 'moments' below...

Sweet, sweet relish

The dafty offa X Factor

Mooching in the woods
Crumpets and cheese

Mary Berry impersonator for hire

Can't buy a thrill, say Steely Dan - I say 'yes, yes you can'

Dead body in  a bagel

My ID - you asking?
Reet breakfast

Cock cakes

Just a little place...

Metres of pizza - the only way to survive an evening in Clapham

Easter island
Jazz June!

Viking drinking horn


Just one more question...

We find you gregg. Again...

Ambient rabbit

What my heart probably looks like

Jazz June sent us a parcel. Thank you jazz june

This car is full of seafood

A small amount of brie next to a small amount of pea