Sunday, 14 November 2010

Carry on up the duff

The weekend has vanished in numerous puffs of smoke and gargantuan swigs of beer. Not remembering getting home can be a strong, yet paranoia inducing look. Which is the one I'm currently sporting - fearful.

Big news is one of my house mates is preggers. I'm crossing my fingers for a home birth...

Kebab juice

Home reading - thankfully you can still be glam when 'with child'

Kiss the fist - don't touch the wrist

Yes yes yes - The London Fields boozer is letting Kiss the Fist, our evening of party electronics, take a monthly Saturday slot. Which is almost unbelieveable considering what went down last time. DJ abuse, drinking, smoking indoors, deck failure, shouting at punters, getting shouted at by punters - it ended in my kitchen at 5am drinking week old wine. Delicious.

Despite these shenanigans, we're moving up a gear by taking on a Saturday evening down the local battle cruiser beginning next weekend on November 20th. So see youse there - It's gonna be a fresh look and these are the some of the tunes I'll be wearing...