Sunday, 28 June 2009


A lot of words have been said and written since Thursday night. It appears at the minute that celebs are dropping like flies. Ex-NME hack Steven Wells passed on last week as did Charlie's Angel Farrah Fawcett. This image says it all. It's a lot...

An afternoon at the fair

Just the other weekend we spent an afternoon at the fair in Victoria Park. It was lovely let me tell you. We ate a lovely pide in the afternoon. Pide not paedo. It wasn't a paedo. Not unless they arrive on yer plate on a bread base with lamb and cheese on top. I'm not an expert in kiddy fiddling but I don't believe there have been that many great changes within the 'industry'. They're still dithering around in macs and galoshes...

Anyhoo there were plenty of big looks going on. Shooting, dodgems, raffles, a (terrifying) merry go round, the wall of death. There were also a lorry-load of fuck heads staggering around the place, not excluding ourselves. We capped off the evening with a trip to the Fish House, a delightful eatery located in Lauriston next to the park.

The fish was so big it finished us off. The post meal slump saw us tucked up in bed before the witching hour descended. One of our party even complained that his portion was 'too big' to eat. It was big but not that big friend.


The Wall of Death and its fat host



Take aim and fire

Another 50 pence down the shitter


A piece of plaice - arguably 'too big'

Hibernation review...

Here's a little review I put out there t'other week of Steve Kotey's new compilation on his Bear Funk imprint. It's a pretty sweet, if not standardish disco ting. I have no fucking idea why it's called Hibernation but the moniker is ill-fitting for summat so summery. Get on it here...

In the News Steve Kotey review...

Gag Reflex summer mixtape

Every now and again Rough Disko ressie Gag Reflex (aka The Captain) knocks out a little mixtape. He's been pushing them my way for a few years now and every time they turn up they take over my head phones for the foreseeable.

This one is no exception. The man himself deems it to be a bit scruffy but it's a tasty aural morsel if you ask me. Check him this Friday at the Harley in Sheffield with special guests Jac the Disco...

RD Summer Minimix

  1. Bostro Pesopeo - Falls (Hercules & Love Affair rmx)
  2. I:Cube - Disco Cubizm (Daft Punk rmx)
  3. Shystie - Pull It (Ill Blu rmx)
  4. Basic Bastard - Cruising
  5. Frikstailers - Baile Frik
  6. DJ Edgar - Pura Satisfacao
  7. Beyonce - Fighting Temptation (Radio Slave rmx)
  8. Wicked Wipe - Rock Da House (Ian Pooley rmx)
  9. DJ Assault - S.E.X
  10. Edu K feat. Marina - (Edu K) Me Bota Pra Dancar
  11. Mario - Play The Bloodclart Bass
Download the mix from here

Gag Reflex summertime mix link

Journey to the centre of SW7

It’s summer - I can tell cos the armpits of my cut price tee shirts have begun to ming. A few solid months of cheap deoderant fumigation has formed a crust as thick as the surface of Mars and it just won’t shift.

As an antidote to the deodorant issues, my momma and poppa recently visited the smoke via a cheap coach trip deal. They insisted on breaking all the guide book advice, choosing to take on three museums in one day. By the time we’d finished my brain had turned into soup. Out of the informational fug shrouding my minds, I remember getting quite excited by the dinosaurs in the Natural History museum. The other highlight was experiencing a mock up of a Japanese earthquake in a news agents - My ma didn’t go in as she thought it was a boutique selling real tings.

The evening following the parent-friendly day time provided a bit of ballast to the thirsty knowledge hunting we'd partaken of earlier. Pictionary, gurning, Spotify, rum. One of the LADS was watching the Roots earlier in the evening. It sounded totally hype from his SMS update...

'Well I can confirm the drugs do work. Roots jazz action is an excellent soundtrack. The other two have had three and are beyond control. I've had one which has worked out pretty well. You heading to the party now. We'll be a good while yet."

The day after the only thing we could do was go and eat a fat old pie and watch action classic Welcome to the Jungle. The pie was a taste sensation and looked a little bit like this...