Sunday, 28 June 2009

An afternoon at the fair

Just the other weekend we spent an afternoon at the fair in Victoria Park. It was lovely let me tell you. We ate a lovely pide in the afternoon. Pide not paedo. It wasn't a paedo. Not unless they arrive on yer plate on a bread base with lamb and cheese on top. I'm not an expert in kiddy fiddling but I don't believe there have been that many great changes within the 'industry'. They're still dithering around in macs and galoshes...

Anyhoo there were plenty of big looks going on. Shooting, dodgems, raffles, a (terrifying) merry go round, the wall of death. There were also a lorry-load of fuck heads staggering around the place, not excluding ourselves. We capped off the evening with a trip to the Fish House, a delightful eatery located in Lauriston next to the park.

The fish was so big it finished us off. The post meal slump saw us tucked up in bed before the witching hour descended. One of our party even complained that his portion was 'too big' to eat. It was big but not that big friend.


The Wall of Death and its fat host



Take aim and fire

Another 50 pence down the shitter


A piece of plaice - arguably 'too big'

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