Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Brandt Brauer Frick

Brandt Brauer Frick are three German chaps (and one new American dude) who make hard and heavy electronica. Previously they used to concoct techno without the use of technology, instead relying on classical orchestral manoeuvres in the dark to get the club moving. Now they've opted to jettison the suits and the boews in favour of machines. Sure, they've stripped their music back to a more primordial computer-based musical soup and work it definitely does. There's a lot of sweat which goes into their live show at XOYO. But it lacks the clean German lines of their previous output. Just check out the comforting musical sync of Bop below.

Read a review of their recent live outing at XOYO here...


Fear and routine

Spring vibes continue to be strong. There ain't no turning down the brightness on the torch of vibe round these parts. These are just some of the highlights of the last months or so... Mushy peas in a tin was a seriously big look...

Mushy peas

Butty crew

Fuck off burger

Happy birthday Stef!

Don't tell the bride
Modern bushes

The \Heatwave is in the house

Lidl lobster

It's a birthday ting

The smear

Smashed it

Brighton vs Maggot

Salubrious days night can easily become naughty nights. And this was the case when we journeyed to Brighton in the daylight hours looking for a fun fix near the sea. The day time was a delight - gambing on the pier and swilling back bevs in a boozer. We even saw Caitlin Moran but didn't have any implements to hand to cob at her. No matter. Enroute back from the seaside we visited a few London boozers and ended up quaffing bevs with Maggot from Goldie Looking Chain in a lock-in. We also found a delicious cheese in a bag. What a delight day and night...

Flexing in a parka

Found cheese. Stinky as a bishop's finger


Compass statue ting