Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Dance 'til the Police Come

Here's a review hype hoving into view - Words have been flowing like water out of a tap of late cos there's so much good new musical shit spurting out. Get your quills and ears out for the lads. First up is this nu-soul business by Fatima and Floating Points. It's kinda mint in the kind of the slow-building, jazzy sorta way that Alice Russell and The Rebirth were back in the '03.

Fatima & Floating Points - Follow You EP review

Junglist man Peverelist also got a good going over - this is savage, man music strictly for the heads in love with low ends - Again, it sounds like the past coming up on the future and giving its ears a thorough nashing. Get out your sausages for the feast chumps.

Peverelist - Dance 'til the Police Come

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