Saturday, 4 July 2009

A right piece of shit

In the world of words tings are looking pretty bad. The crunch has led to many magazines crumbling or biting the bullet and taking their thoughts online. It maybe deemed a tad rich coming from me who spends most of my time churning out bullshit for use on the internet, but it is a shame - there beats nothing than buying an actual magazine you can grasp in yer mitt and twat flies with, wipe yer arse with or use to skin up on. You can’t do any of those tings with a web page. Or not yet anyhow.

Thankfully, a new publication has recently launched which could save everything. James Brown, ex-editor of Loaded and Peaches Geldof have hooked up on the amazingly awful Disappear Here. I picked up a copy from a ladies changing rooms in Shoreditch (where I spend a lot of time). It was gathering dust as if the fella who ran the boutique was embarrassed to stock it. Having read it he was right. It’s fucking pants. But at least it’s given cretins a wage. Check it here.

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