Sunday, 16 January 2011

Bussing a nang down the farm

Shit - Hackney City Farm has got more wildlife than you can bus a leng at - plus if you walk up to the nearby cruising spot like we did at the weekend you'll found a gang of marauding squirrels - those fools are ruling tings round dem parts. They swarmed around us like a bunch of Somalian pirates before stealing all our nuts - Cheeky fucking bastards. We're never trusting anything with a tail ever again.

Yer mum

Yer mum's mum. Sleeping in her own shit

Yer mum. Getting up after sleeping in her own shit

You ewe

El burros

Get off my hand

Please stop cruising. Please?

Aggressive, deviant and defiant cruising - lawless and wrong

Get your claws off me nuts

Too close for comfort



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