Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Keeping it dark - keep it funky

In betwixt binging and having a mini-momentary breakdown, time has been found to squeeze out a couple of reviews. Just like a little rabbit who deposits a small batch of bitty, miniature droppings. TBHBs I imagine these reviews will have about as much critical impact as said droppings in cyber space but here goes nothing...

Here's what wisdom has been wielded at the releases below... Mau'lin is a Hackney dude flexing his take on bits and beats. Below him is the new album by one time Drexciya dude, Gerald Donald. It's fucking weird and dark. I tried to review it after a bad one and nearly, to coin the phrase, 'spazzed out the beast'. If I could turn back time, (if I could find a way), I'd attempt to clock this while in the company of others. Or at least have a nurse on standby to administer something uplifting afterwards.

Mau'lin - Deeper than the Sun review

Zwischenwelt - Paranormale Aktivitat review

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