Monday, 19 March 2012

Kiss the Fist 's March outing to N16...

Earlier in the month our sporadic and inevitably slightly half-cut disco evening Kiss the Fist dusted itself down, popped on some glad-rags and high-tailed it up to Stoke Newington's Church Street for a Saturday night out.

The party was also tied into resident playa Stef's 60th birthday celebrations so you can imagine the larks we had - and, somewhat surprisingly, these were larks shared by many. This ain't astonishment at the popularity of our boy - just that the bar was drunk dry and the disco was indeed jumping at certain stages by folk we didn't actually know. The promotional post blitz the previous week obviously worked really well - In typical Kiss the Fist fashion, I didn't take any snaps of the baying crowd screaming for more - just some camera phone shots of a few more candid moments from different points in the evening and before. Props to everyone who repped the other Saturday...

You can give the latest podcast from our kitchen a whirl here

DJ Quark relaxing before taking down a jager and totally smashing the guts of the Bathhouse...

Early punter posing with plastic rabbit in a cage #decor #vibes

The promotional blitz smashes Church Street

Picking up special guest DJ Quark from the local charity shop before his big night

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