Monday, 18 June 2012

Street food

If you read the papers, then you'll be well aware that there's a real resurgence in the humble art of 'street food'. Oh yes. It's for the gent or lady who is just too busy to cook but doesn't want to sully the mouth with summat uneatable. In London everyone is on this shit. Most folk are dead busy juggling exercise, house buying and the 9-5 - as a result, there just ain't enough minutes in the day to get down to Tesco and do a weekly shop. It's impossible. The Guardian's top ten of transient, yet tasty urban street moments can be read here. 

In a bid to sample the treats of the 'street', we visited a local offie on a Sunday afternoon and stocked up on delights. It was a gourmet extravaganza at a bus stop in N16. All you need to recreate the magic our stomachs experienced (as seen in the accompanying images) is...

1 peperami
1 packet of Laughing Cow 
1 packet of cheese slices

Ideally you need to be deeply hungover and feeling in need of a little bit of culinary voodoo. Get a crow bar inside your imagination and ensure it's as gaping as possible. Then, when you feel the red mist descending, delve inside and just go with it - make your 'street tapas' at the bus stop. then board a mode of transport which is going over at least 24 speed bumps. This way the gut rot will really set in just as you get off. And you can go be sick in the gutter. Reap what you sow - it's a street food ting...

Goin' in... 

Pon ze back of the bus armed and dangerous

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