Sunday, 7 June 2015

Pay your respects to the Kernel

Friends, We've spent a lot of the past 15 or so years supping on brews - whether that be the unfatiguable Kronenberg or the chemically enhanced wifebeater itself, Stella. So by now you'd reckon our tongues know a good bev when it washes over it. You'd also think by now that our tastebuds have become accustomed to beer in all its guises but of late we've happened on the above motherfucker. It's blown the bloody doors off Harold.

Introducing the Kernel, this frothy beauty is about six quid, almost seven percent and does funny things to one's mind. We happened upon it in the Three Compasses boozer in Dalston - and despite the price tag we kept going back for more. 20 quid rounds are now here and here to stay. Save up your pounds and pay your respects.

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