Wednesday, 3 May 2017

An interview with his highness, Julian Cope

Months off are few and far between if not none existent now we're all kinda fully fledged grown ups . But we've just come back off one with our kid and it was totally mega. So it's time for a 'catch up'...

While we were away, wheels continued rolling, one of which was this interview with former Teardrop Explode Julian Cope dropping on the internet. A little like a lead balloon as no one really noticed but whatever, this was one of the best half hours ever with a dude who has lived a life totally unhinged.

From heavy LSD consumption to an intense love for old stones, to dressing like, as he says, 'Odin's biker', Copey has done pretty much everything while keeping the tuneage heavy and uniquely him. His latest LP, Drunken Songs, is just that, a collection of ditties about getting back on the sauce. What a hero! Click the link and dig into a chinwag with the number one arch druid...

Julian Cope feature.

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