Saturday, 6 June 2009

Audio recession

Here's a few reviews I've churned out recently.

It's been a bit tricky trying to get owt published online or in print as no one seemingly wants to know me when it comes to replying to my missives proffering my quill. What evs tho bevs here's a couple of bits and bobs I've produced for the In the News website. No one at work wanted to touch them so I did my best to shout their corners.

Damian Lazarus's first length artist album gets the treatment here.

And Canada's Junior Boys' third full lengther takes it on the chin just about here

Other stuff to shout about? Headman's new ep feat. Jeremy Kerr from old Factory heads, A Certain Ratio, is pretty satisfying although it don't sound too different to the musical furrow he was ploughing back in 03. Head for the Zongamin remix.

The Bongo Song is a big look for a Saturday...

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iffy said...

reminds me.. how were Junior Boys on Friday?