Sunday, 31 January 2010

Just like starting over...

Yowzer - The new decade has landed and we saw it in in fine style on a Sheffield tip. A lovely drive up to the Steel City interspersed with a Burger King was rewarded with a domestic hoe down. It was fine and featured a tombola, finger food, kids, wrestling, dancing and even the fear of facing an old foe.

Despite the house-based vibes going down, we still found time to pop down the road to the Earl to visit Kabal and give the old men djing a verbal dressing down. Safe as fook pensioners. The day after was as standard as you like. Eating dry food with one brain's hanging out of one's ears is a classic New Year's day look. Welcome to the new decade. Some things will never change.

Wrestling vibes

House, house and more fucking house

Tired flex

Stafford is full of them

Fresh from the hostess trolley

Mum's poison - It's a 47 per cent proof ting...

The December binge begins to bite...

Laying down vibes at the bus stop

My sister loves my parents more than I do...

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