Sunday, 9 May 2010

Armband Van Helman Province

It's not often you can claim to be in the same room as a bona fide pop star. But Bank Holiday weekend saw us pull this feat off... Armand Van Helden was in Elephant and Castle and curiosity got the better of us. Would he be shit? Would he be the most life affirming ting since grown men started putting cheese in tins? Armband's DJ set definitely fell in the latter category. He rinsed it for two solid hours of euphoria before we headed back to chat about potential new income streams for Google and where the best location for a stairlift would be. Other than on the stairs. Obvs.

He also played a large amount of big room house tunes that I'd refer to as 'stonking' if I was a right fucking nerd. Stonkers. They included this ball room bouncer from French electro child Surkin...

.... and this latest Duck Sauce business has Ibiza terrace etched into its plant food-based heart. Strong.

While we're on Surkin, this is also the absolute Macdaddy. My heart is palpitating just thinking about it....

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