Wednesday, 14 July 2010

How low can you go?

Big, hype tunes have been raining down on 2010 in an almost biblical fashion. It's proper Noah's Ark vibes out there at the moment. Serious. You need flippers and a snorkel to wade through it all.

These are a few of my current favourites which have come out over the year but I'm riding high on at the present. When I say riding high, I'm saying pressing repeat on the player until my fingers blister.

Carte Blanche are Edbanger's DJ Medhi and British dude Riton. They're both aesthetically pleasing gents and make music which is as fresh as their collective wardrobe.

Dubstep dude Skream goes all pop and an ickle bit trancey with his chums Artwork and Benga as Magnetic Man on this one down here.

Some dude in the YouTube comments has suggested that one doesn't need to take drugs when you can listen to this. I'd suggest taking drugs, then giving it a listen. As a puppet on the end of a man's fist once shrieked: 'That's the way to do it'.

is a German chap who has been receiving a serious rimming for the disco wares he's been pushing over 2010. I've been a bit backwards in coming forwards in expressing my love for it but now I'm in the game. Committed enough to buy Tensnake a ring. A small, plastic one. But a ring nonetheless...

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