Wednesday, 5 January 2011

New Year wheezey soaking you to the molecule

Christmas and NYE go together like a hand up a fist. If your flex is appropriately prepped, then once you've stuffed yourself stupid over the festive period, you can dance yourself thin less than five days later. We journeyed to Sheffield to do exactly that in an arch deep in the guts of the city. Kabal was the flex featuring Pipes, FMG and Chris Welch who kept the arch reverbertaing until well into the next morning. Predictably we spunked our fun load a little too early in the club but made up for it by attempting to drown ourselves in liquor back at the (borrowed) ranch. Props to the Kabal committee. As expected, it was big, bad and heavy. And ring a ding ding to the Off Me Nut Crew, who were also repping. Hard. Sheffield past meets Sheffield future somewhere near Niche. Hello 2011. Let's be having you...

Fetching the late night mince



Chimney bizness

In the heart of the Kabal

A blurry FMG

Fucking squire

Double chin flex


Pipes. On it.

Early doors


Pipes and the FMG getting a lather on...



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