Wednesday, 5 January 2011

You wouldn't want it any other way...

Christmas this year was a lot. The language around the snooker table at my rent's gaff was similar to that used on the touch lines of amateur league football pitches. We lost £20 on the Euromillions draw. The hostess trolley was murked within an inch of its ever decreasing life. We watched Mr Bean goes on holiday. We learned about Great Uncle Len (RIP) who went inside before jumping in front of a train. Some ducks got feed. One robin got dubbed "a bastard" by one rent in particular. Props to the folks for putting up with us. You were too kind...

Hot ball action


It's a post dubstep kinda ting

Custard trifle flex

Totally locked on it

Christmas dins - done

Live hostess trolley action

Wibbling rivalry

It's a pinot grigio type o'ting

Best meal of the year


Bench pressing

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