Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Get your peas out for the lads

Vibes have been pretty fresh and clean round these parts - although the whole of February has been spent with a pint pot seemingly glued to one hand. No change there then. Apart from drinking shitloads and acting the fucking goat, February has been the month of fulfilling one new year's resolution in the subsection marked 'more talk, more action'. Finally the plunge was taken and a vat of pea soup was boiled up. That's right. Big looks all round on the pea soup...

Pea soup

Murderer's gloves

Even mugs get fearful on Monday mornings

Too many rolls, too many many rolls

Mushroom strog - Delicious yet right trumpy

Goths out at night - no surprises

Broken dreams

Late night post Djing snack - as recommended by Sven Vath

Tall snakes

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