Sunday, 1 May 2011

Twit twoo?

Everyone has a competitive streak. It can be big or small and sometimes only emerges in the aisles of Tesco when you're fighting over the last tub of taramosalata. But competition and sporty business has been higher on the agenda of late than usual. This is cos the London marathon went off the other Sunday, which is definitely more of a competition than fighting to get your orders in at the bar. Although some boozers can be very busy. Props to the runners and ting. My sister and buddy both put themselves through it but I found it draining enough just watching it...

Perhaps more exciting than the run itself was the news that another competition was taking place alongside it. That's right. A painting of an owl was up for grabs. Not just any old owl but one painted by the father of a comrade who was raffling said bird off to raise money for his participation in the 26.5 mile endeavour.

The image of the owl provoked mass hysteria. There was a bidding frenzy with people throwing money into the pot and screaming: 'I got to get that bird'. Needless to say, the tickets I'd got were a crock of shit and didn't get us anywhere. But you can't deny the potency of that owl image. It's intoxicating...

A better, more responsible, younger sibling at the finish

Losing tickets - only 254 off

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