Monday, 27 June 2011


The last few weeks or so have been pure and unadulterated hype with almost too much shizzle and bizzle going on. The standard bouts of extreme binging have been balanced out by behaviour which could almost be classed as civilised. Almost. Perhaps. In a parallel dream world where it's normal to consume lager all the time, sleep for an average of 5 hours and usually at a time when most folk are up and about going down Homebase to source new shelves.

Big tings include going up to London's zoo and checking in with perhaps the most distinctive of all the animals - the bearded pig. Other hype business included getting relatively close to a sloth (a sleeping sloth - natch) and the wonderful facial hair of an Emperor Tamarin monkey - Stands to reason that being a peacock is kind of a big deal round our way but these little tinkers take the proverbial style biscuit and make it their own by owning huge, white taches. They look preposterous... Other than that, we attended a 20-20 cricket match down at the Oval and Nando's have promised to open a new branch within spitting distance of the entrance to our office. Fingers crossed the birds come home to roost sooner rather than later. Big up the Peri Peri crew...

New mug - steeze? Steeze...

Hello you. That's right. You


A bearded pig

'Weeeeeeey' - down at the cricket

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