Thursday, 1 December 2011

Hitler was nice to dogs

Ooof - November has been a right vibe. A total vibe. Sleepless Sundays, delicious dining experiences and late, late nights spent listening to grunge and smoking cigs dreaming of the future. It's been a lot, passed in a flash and seen us avoiding bed for entire weekends. Thankfully my camera phone has ably documented some of the key moments and blurs. I've forgotten what the other ones were. It's like the late Tony Wilson once said: "When forced to pick between truth and legend, print the legend." True dat.

Omens with buffalos an' that

It's a quail ting

It's a roast ting

Saturday night in

Celebrating the arrival of a fresh pair of headphones - gangsta

Hackney tragedy

Good night sweet prince

Club Butt

A dock off leak

'hahaha useless fucker'

Factfinding crew

Night vision Ginsters


Pretty Green

Highly desirable artworks in Westfield

It's a pie ting

Mr eggy face in da area

Black pudding crew

Drinking sourz at Factory Floor

It's a hangover ting


A stolen moment at Kiss the Fist

Pre-Factory Floor dinner flex - yagga yagga

Con I carn't

Acid flex

Yeah boi

That cat is a fucking cunt

Suck the bones

A delicious rioja on a Sunday

Hello mate - You're fucked now. You really are...

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