Monday, 20 February 2012


If someone held an uzi to my ear and forced me to define February in a shorter word which begins with the same letter, then I'd probably opt for 'food'. I've not turned into one half of the hairy bikers or owt but the images on my phone suggest that I've been venturing into culinary pastures beyond the realms of supermarket sandwiches. The above is one of the best things to enter me gob this year. A burger at Ed's diner which arrives with a thick layer of Chilli Con Carne waving at you like a siren to a love-struck sailior. The combo of so many meats and a five dollar shake may sent me guts spiralling into madness for 24 hours. But stomach cramps have never been so decadently attained. I'd do it again without a second thought...

'The Waxed Bat'

Tira misu

It's an Ardennes ting

You've got red on you

Pancake flex

Slow roasted belly innit mate

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