Thursday, 31 May 2012

Always meet your heroes?

It's not often one's get chance to speak to a hero. So you can imagine how frothy with excitement I became when I wangled the opportunity to chat to one Andrew Weatherall and his current cohort Sean Johnston. I didn't need a new nappy when I found out the news. But it was close.  

A Love From Outer Space was the reason why - and for those not in the know, ALFOS is the night the pair lord over - and one which has been making ever bigger waves across the electronic cosmos. Initially run as a monthly do at the Drop (now known as the Waiting Room), the affair attracted an increasingly devoted hoard of nutters willing to risk the pain of a Friday hangover in exchange for a sublime evening of boogie and musical enlightenment.

Speaking to these two in person was a massive deal for me - I've been into Weatherall ever since my mum first suggested I listen to Primal Scream as a youth with terrible taste and spots. Since growing up and getting more into magic and techno, we've roamed across Europe to see him DJ. We've watched him play a huge range of DJ sets while in various states of disrepair - a dedication which culminated in clocking him and Johnson play on a boat in Croatia last summer... Naughty nautical balearic vibes... 

The interview itself was wicked - Weatherall emerged from his studio wearing his old man of the sea garms and proceeded to roll a large resin reefer which he consumed to himself throughout our chat. I didn't stutter (too much) and even made a joke. You can read the fruits of the collective labours below...

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