Tuesday, 21 August 2012

This is how we sausage roll

As anyone who bothers looking at these words on an irregular basis will know, greasy savoury snacks are one of main motivators getting us out of bed in a morning. So you can imagine the joy de vivre which greeted a plot to make sausage rolls. Like scotch eggs, there's a strange voodoo and air of intrigue which surrounds these high street, low street foodstuffs. But the kitchen reality is, you just need to purchase pastry and let your mind float free. Mannnnn.

We used the Metro recipe from the Jubilee weekend as our starting point and everything turned out wonderfully. It was easy peasy to nail these mothers down once we'd acquired the vital ingredients - egg, flour, pastry, butter, apple, onion and of course sausage meat. Perhaps the most exciting part of the process (other than eating the blighters) is rolling your sausage meat into one long tumuscent stick, then sheafing it in pastry. To boot we injected our meat with apple and onion, then baked the bejesus out of them. Now I know what Mr Gregg's must feel like. Satisfied as fook... 

That's shallot

Mustard and pastry together at last

Rolling in the meat
Two long sheafs of meat and pastry
Scoring our babies

Up close and personal


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