Monday, 26 November 2012

Keep those late summer vibes alive

'Fun times off line' have been very much on the agenda for the '012 - but here's a little snapshot of summer's tail round our ends. As you can see from the images on display, it's been your standard foody tour of all things high and lowwwww...

Morning after the balloon party

Turkish breakfast
Seafood barbecue flex

crazy golf on the roof of Selfridges

Moving day
'Totes' = 'dicks'
Fish Finger butty with crisps
Salmon bagel on a sunny day
Chess tings
Welcome to pie town
Tarty warty
Free work lunch

The future of ice cream
Subliminal messaging
DJ business at the tiki party
Freddie Mercury tribute act @the Misty Moon
All killer no filler
Notting Hill
Culinary mastery
Muscle kissing
Work breakfasts smash it every time

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