Tuesday, 2 July 2013

There ain't no rain in Spain

It's probably not surprising that when you hit the big 3-0 you get more invites to weddings than you do to raves. But getting hitched is going off big time this year with invites, stag dos, hen dos and the like all raining down like the proverbial cats and dogs. Which is no bad thing don't get me wrong. Does it mean in 18 months time we should expect a deluge of sprogs? Is this how it works? I'm guessing so...

Anyhoo Spain was our port of call for the first wedding bash of 2013. We landed on the Tuesday at Malaga airport, then spent the next five days really taking advantage of Nerja's generous provision for heavy drinkers and heavy smokers.

We did both pretty much continually via hot tubs, tuna salads, BBQs, sweetcorn, taxi rides, dog fish, and jumping into chilly pools. Props and thanks to the bride and groom (now husband and wife Andy and Kirsty) cos it was a total treat. In the heat. Here's a selection of images to prove that yes we did leave the country and didn't just spend the six days hibernating in the nearest Wetherspoons with data roaming switched off the phones.

Flight rider

The snoring man

Our eyes were drawn to the EUR2 bit

The first of about a gazillion

San Miguel butties. Not, as I thought, beer sandwiches

The view - the tuna

That's a big fucking bill

The wedding bash - awwww

Lobster to start

Pork for afters

Our table proved to be the most creative when it came to drawing something romantic

The groom with Jimmy Saville as a yoot - look at that tracksuit

Absent chums

A shitload of cats chilling oot.

The 'notorious' Tooty Fruit square

The view from the back of the 2 EUR a pint joint...

Boar off


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