Friday, 10 October 2014

Car booty booty

At the bottom of our bed, through the window and down a few floors is a school. Like many such academic establishments, it has a yard. Happen upon it in the week and this playground is ram-jammed with hollering youths throwing balls at each other and screaming. However, at the weekends, this pre-pubescent battleground is replaced by purveyors of fine (or not so fine tat) as part of the Princess May car boot sale.

The lure of the booty is always one hard to avoid and as such, we've purchased many a killer item from it in the time we've resided in such close proximity. Coats, shoes, records, pictures, pots, DVDs - in fact most of the shit that lies in mounds around our gaff is from down there.

While we've mainly been consumers when it comes to the boot, we've also taken it up ourselves to don the other boot and sell our shit. Much of the shit that we've bought from there in the first place. We did it back in March to raise money for charity and decided to do it again, this time to raise dosh for our holibobs. It was no less fun if a little less successful financials wise but that was the vibe. We managed to shift a furry coat for a tenner and saw Alex Kapronos from Franz Ferdinand buy an old turntable but neglect our collection of one pound DVDs. Your loss Alex you old duffer!

That gourmet shit right there

Dude in cape = the car boot clown

Our neatly arranged wares

An older couple attempting to give each other a backy at seven in the am... 


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