Friday, 10 October 2014

Let's play a game of fuck off - you go first

Vibes have been heavy and fat over the last few months. Whether it's been celebrating weddings in Rotherham to getting it on at Notting Hill Carnival in torrential rain, there's been a constant tidal wave of great shit to roll around in. Summer 2014 - it's been a pleasure. Here's some more 'moments'...

Work scratch card business
Pie business

Bucky P

Raving in the rain at Notting Hill

Blue cheese triangles are the future


Watching monkeys dance on a big telly in Rotherham

Our Premier Inn digs in Rotherham

Enter Shikari ale

Toucan play that game... 

Mac and cheese - late night sunday dining

Stormtroopers in Leyton

Watch out for the ticks

Give me the wedgey

Hullo? Is anyone there? 

New work wheels

DFA1979 are back and stenciling their faces all over Dalston

The ultimate breakfast

The ultimate cake

The UK the morning of the independence Scottish referendum

Take me back to Oregon

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