Monday, 14 September 2015

It's Contra Pop!

Hands up who know where Ramsgate is? Anyone? Well we definitely didn't until we heard about the Contra Pop Festival, a free musical bash taking place just near the pier in this weird coastal town somewhere in deepest, darkest Essex. The line up was certainly ear provoking enough to make it worth the journey east to a town which managed to mix up the run down with the weird to suitably bizarre effect. Here are some of the things we learned in our eight hours in Ramsgate...

Golliwogs are rife

Everywhere we turned,there appeared to be a golliwog staring back at us. While the rest of the UK has smoked these out, it seems that they've all flocked to Ramsgate as they believe there's safety in numbers.

Ramsgate's grappers cough up the goods

Everywhere else we've ever been, the grappers never, never ever cough up a fluffy tour or cannon or whatever it is you're seeking. But in Ramsgate we managed to get a doughnut. A fucking doughnut!

The fish is delish

Cod and chips - fucking tasty as fam.

Bass Clef

This Bristol producer managed to blend weird ambience. brass instruments and thumping techno more reminiscent of Berghain than the seaside. The sunbathing locals seemed suitably bemused.  


The knees up - ramshackle

Waiting for another IPA

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