Thursday, 2 June 2016

See that woman over there with Putin - she's not Russian. She's just taking her time...

Well. Well. Well. Shit has been going on whether it's on the breakfast plate or in political spheres. In the latter the world's stupidest wig wearers (Johnson - Trump) are bashing it out for the accolade of 2016's biggest dick. Who will win? Only time will tell but hopefully neither. Elsewhere, we've been flogging belongings at the car boot, drinking in the Grace Jones biog, deciphering Europe, lookening sickening and keeping it FUCKING REAL BROSEPHS.


Even when you run out of bog roll, they come in handy

Shit is going on in SuperKebab
The Marquis is getting a refurb
At the car boot
Shut up and dance
Saving Grace 

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