Saturday, 3 September 2016

Summer in the city in the '016

Summer in and out of the city and the weather has been good. Too good at times for our teeny flat - it’s been a warm one and when you live in a box atop a number of other boxes then you can struggle to ventilate effectively. Especially when you’re expecting. But no matter, we’ve tasted sunshine on numerous occasions over these clement months and it’s been as jolly as it has been sweaty.

What have we been doing I hear no one cry? Well it’s all go innit. There’s been potential home purchases attempting to be made, then sprogs flying all over the place from various nooks and crannies across the UK. While we’ve been learning how to be humans, with all this growing up going on, it’s also been vibes to keep it foolish yeah? So there have been a few late, late, late ones, then some consistent little ones to keep the beery fires burning. We’ve eaten lots of ice, had our eyes scalded by some pornographic toilets (Hunter S - I’m looking at you here), feasted on supermarket trifle, read like readings been going out of fashion and done some business at Notting Hill. Check out what a g’wan. Now, in many ways, it’s going to get real…

Stegasaurus shaped scrambled egg

Monkey with a blue dick? 

A meal for champions

Les gaff

The worst chair in our Solar System

Must read

It is like an addiction

Bra head


Home made tapas


Captains of the local fishing industry

Dessert for one

Lips bogs

Just don't yeah? 

'They see me rolling'

Notting Hill

Nob heads

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