Thursday, 27 December 2012

Looking over Jeremy Beadle's grave

Graveyards can make for plenty of laughs and a salubrious day jaunt if you can keep the constant reminders of our impending mortality at bay. Highgate Cemetery is a classic burial ground although it feels perverse to surround yourself with bones which emphasise how our time on les planet is but a blink in the eyes of the universe.

The great, the good, the high and low brow are all buried in Highgate - the big draw is the opulent headstone of Karl Marx although for us the more modest grave of Jeremy Beadle, "curator of oddities", held the most appeal. We visited on a crisp autumn day and ran in past the odd old lady in the welcome booth at the front of the cemetery by shouting "RIP Beadle". She was confused but n'er mind - RIP Beadle indeed.

Karl Marx

George Eliot

Patrick Caulfield

Beadle - from a distance

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