Thursday, 27 December 2012

Man and woman vs. Turkey

Holidaying in Turkey in October is a look - it's an even bigger look when you go all-inclusive. We went to Oludeniz to Club Sun City for an entire week on this flex (both for the first time in our puny little lives) and felt like king and queen of the resort. We anticipated ropey spirits and crisps - instead we received efes on tap, grilled fish twice a day, more efes, scally juice (amaretto and coke), cigs, kebabs, eggs - it was glorious and made even more entertaining by the vast array of scally families on site. Mums would plonk themselves on the lounger and dads at the bar while kids were left to roam around looking for kicks. Watching these oddly shaped families, predominantly from the North West, destroy themselves on cheap booze and descend into disarray was a sight to behold.

Our time in Olu deniz was a total vibe. Learning back gammon, having a Turkish shave (the barber resembled Bob from Twin Peaks and even smoked out the nose hair) and eating fish were all moments. As well as the heat. In October. We (predictably) made friends with the bar keeps including one gentleman who became known as 'Teethy' due to his discoloured fangs. He was kind enough to try and get us to use the life-threateningly dangerous service lift in the kitchen rather than the stairs when it rained. What a gent. Props to Teethy and Club Sun City for making our stay such a special one...

Wetherspoons full English

Transfer crew

This fucking wasp got in-between me and the egg


October heat

The bar 

Post Turkish shave

Another office

Yeah mate

Hello - you look lovely

Oooh eerrr

The chosen snapper

Back gammon

The perfect breakfast

Ice cream can't stop the torrential rain

Yes mate

Dick ^^^^

Big up Club Sun City

The smoking area at the airport - Blade. Runner.Vibes

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