Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Wrote for luck?

The pre-Christmas run up is often a glorious time when work merely becomes a buffer between you and your next pint. You're hungover from December 2nd and remain in a state of semi-pishedness until the close of the year when you realise there has to be something else to life other than constantly getting bladdered. Everything comes to you through a thick cloud of lager which made our decision to watch the Happy Mondays perform a Christmas show at the Roundhouse seem a good one.

The Mondays themselves completely slayed the Camden venue - they married shambles to funk in a style which almost suggested they'd be rehearsing. Jokes of course, as these one time mad heads most definitely had been practicing their thing as they probably need to wrangle as much dosh as they can from the nostalgia flex - and why not? Every other fucker is at it. And Shaun's got middle class kids he needs to keep in school. But the Mondays sounded much more vibrant than the corpse of a acid house good time being wheeled out for the evening. In comparison much of the crowd seemed to be a much duller proposition. While there were some old gurners doing their thing, our attempts at smoking cigs in the venue were met with scowls or threatening verbal missives - 'Put it out - or fuck off'. Sorry gramps but it's Christmas!

The story of the season

Jerk up inside the place


a muffin. For a twat. 

Jesus arriving on stage at the Roundhouse - aka Shaun Ryder

The Mondays

Do you do the sprat? 

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