Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Factory Floor vs Daniel Avery

Buzz bands round London are ten a penny but none have buzzed so frequently as Factory Floor. This industrial noise trio just about reach the brink of getting out of there arty, post-punky-dancey niche before falling back again to general indifference and shrugging of shoulders. But this time, perhaps, things could be different. They're doing some 'big tings' (on the more 'dancier' side of their sound) proving that 'funk' and the subtle employment of the 'funk' is all important. Let that be a lesson to you buzz bands of the future. Use more funk.

Below, they get all musically intertwined with Weatherall prodigy Daniel Avery and it sounds fucking mint. I spoke to Factory Floor back in January and found out one of their members lives in a caravan. Shocker.

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